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Diablo III - Reaper of Souls - Asset Page

Reaper of Souls is the upcoming expansion to Blizzard Entertainment's epic action RPG Diablo III — a dark and terrifying new chapter in the ongoing conflict over the mortal realm of Sanctuary. In Reaper of Souls, the five original heroes from Diablo III — Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard — are joined by a powerful new champion: the Crusader.

Players will embark on a dark and perilous journey across a challenging new act, venturing through terrifying landscapes; reclaiming the legendary city of Westmarch; and slaying countless minions, each hell-bent on bringing their quest to a grisly end. The adventure culminates in a climactic confrontation with Malthael, the fallen Archangel of Wisdom, an otherworldly entity of unfathomable power whose twisted designs spell ruin for the innocent people of Sanctuary.

Central Figures in Reaper of Souls

Malthael Quiet and elusive, Malthael was an enigma even to his own kind. In the years following the destruction of the Worldstone, this revered member of the Angiris Council grew increasingly distant and withdrawn, prone to long periods of isolation. Malthael's eventual disappearance led to his transformation from the Archangel of Wisdom into the Angel of Death — a cataclysmic threat to the people of Sanctuary. Learn More

Crusader An unstoppable force of righteous destruction who channels the power of divine wrath to visit retribution upon his demonic quarry. Learn More

Barbarian A stoic warrior who uses tremendous physical strength to crush foes. Learn More

Demon Hunter A vengeful master of ranged weaponry and shadow manipulation who uses elusive skills to stalk demons. Learn More

Monk A holy warrior who attacks faster than the eye can follow, disabling enemies with precision blows. Learn More

Witch Doctor A manipulator of the forces of life and death, who wields the power of nature in unsettling ways. Learn More

Wizard A master of the temporal and elemental energies powering creation itself. Learn More

Key Game Features

In addition to expanding the story of Diablo III with an all-new, action-packed Act V and introducing the incorruptible Crusader class, Reaper of Souls increases the game's level cap to 70. Players forging ahead with their existing Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, and Wizard characters will benefit from an array of fearsome new spells and abilities as they advance in level.

The expansion also builds upon several key features of the Diablo franchise, with a greater emphasis on randomized environments, horrific new monsters, epic new quests, and substantial updates to the loot experience. The redesigned loot system in Reaper of Souls focuses on rewarding players with even better treasure through targeted "smart drops," new and improved multi-level Legendary items, and a third artisan, the Mystic, who can augment an item's power and appearance.

A new Adventure Mode has been added as well; with all Waypoints unlocked in this mode, the entire world becomes the player's battlefield! Included in Adventure Mode are two new game features — Bounties, a randomized objective system, and Nephalem Rifts, a randomized dungeon system — provide fun and rewarding challenges for players to tackle when they're looking for new ways to test their might. Diablo III's Paragon progression system will also be receiving several updates for the expansion, adding even more endgame character advancement and replayability.

Visit the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls web page for feature details, screenshots, concept art, gameplay teaser trailers, and more information about this epic new chapter of Sanctuary's ongoing saga.

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