Merlin An alien Cupid A wizard Donkey Kong Sonic Elsa Pikachu Mario Batman Spider-man Link and/or Zelda Hello Kitty Mulder and/or Scully James Bond Indiana Jones Frankenstein Tingle (Zelda) Pink Panther Captain Kirk Spock Iron Man The Joker Han Solo Daenerys Charlie Brown Jack Sparrow GLaDOS The Biting Pear of Salamanca A phoenix A centaur Fella Ash Ketchum Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles A pigeon from Hatoful Boyfriend Sarah Kerrigan Elizabeth (Bioshock) Rick and/or Morty Pennywise Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) Rikku (Final Fantasy) Geno (Mario RPG) A Doge Cortana (Halo) Grumpy Cat Jabba the Hutt Tracer The Lich King Doomfist One of the Mane Six Pac Man Flo (Progressive Insurance) Edward Cullen Lara Croft Leeloo Tetris blocks Mickey Mouse Furby Ferris Buehler Yoshi Ronald McDonald Angry Birds Navi One of the Eeveelutions Thomas the Tank Engine A Chocobo The Toothfairy The Babadook Medusa BB8 707 (Mystic Messenger) Immortan Joe Chun-Li
on a deserted island in Gotham at a café in Bedrock at an amusement Park at Hogwarts in Middle Earth in Westeros on the Yellow Brick Road In Bikini Bottom in the Forbidden Forest in Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s house on the Starship Enterprise in Stars Hollow in purgatory on a spaceship in the White House on the island from Lost on a Mars colony in Tokyo on the moon at the DeviantArt HQ in Jurassic Park at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in Atlantis on Jack’s beanstalk on Cybertron in the Forbidden Forest in Care-a-Lot in Sunnydale at Riverdale High at The Planet Express in Downton Abbey at The Wall (Game of Thrones) in the Land of Ooo in South Park, Colorado on Pandora on a pirate ship at Pride Rock in the Danger Room in R'lyeh in an M. C. Escher painting in Rapunzel’s tower at Comic-Con in Minecraft in Summoner’s Rift at the bus stop from My Neighbor Totoro at Litchfield Penitentiary at McDonald’s at the grocery store in the Hunger Games in a Netflix series on Omicron Percei 8 in The Abyss (Dark Souls)
exploring an abandoned theme park on a gameshow living the most embarrassing moment history during an alternative history walking the runway at a haute couture fashion show at night club in 2130 as guests on a late night show during the apocalypse being a hipster at the pearly gates attending a tea party participating in a political election as talking heads on a news program playing pool at a bar playing baseball preparing something delicious planning an elaborate scheme visiting the doctor accepting an award recreating an iconic moment in history after losing a bet revealing a deep, dark secret having a slumber party competing in a sporting event genderbent cosplaying dressed as a superhero as a surrealist painting reimagined in Tim Burton’s style with their keyblade doing "The Time Warp" in a haunted house in only 3 colors playing in a band together cuddling raising a child as a baby undergoing an unusual surgical procedure trying to avoid a mob of fangirls with an unusual pet making the most important scientific discovery doing yoga browsing DeviantArt saving the world as cats as zombies during an earthquake running a lemonade stand trying to pitch a startup as a movie poster as a terrible album cover as a stereotypical millennial in a retirement home having trouble with technology in a duel with unusual body proportions facing a final boss about to make a terrible mistake teaming up to survive the apocalypse taking a selfie doing a hadouken holding a press conference revealing the next iPhone robbing a bank on a celebrity gossip magazine cover teaching in a classroom escaping danger
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