Outcast Odyssey

Card Battles Evolved - Learn about the Outcast Odyssey mobile game AND GET INSPIRED!

"The best card games have built-in mechanisms for evolving over time, and we wanted that development philosophy to carry forward to the look of Outcast Odyssey as much as fun and feel. For that, we went straight to the indie art scene of deviantArt and appealed directly to the cutting-edge talents we most wanted to work with. It's allowed us to imbue the game with a striking design scheme that can grow and mature over time."

~ BANDAI NAMCO Games Producer, Joe Riego.

DeviantArt artists chuck-piresart and yigitkoroglu have already contributed to the vast world of Outcast Odyssey, now it's your turn!

In the Outcast Odyssey card game, players create a perfect deck by choosing characters, weapons, armor, and familiars - with the right combination, you can defeat any challenger!

Through quests and bounties, you will explore diverse maps and uncover new areas and paths as you go. But beware; around any turn a monster could appear to challenge you. This unique gameplay gives you the power to choose to battle valiantly for a chance at prizes or to escape danger by avoiding monsters. From dangerous treasure chests and hidden passageways to possible riches, surprises await in the world of Outcast Odyssey.

You can now download the game on your mobile devices to experience the UNIque gameplay and get inspired!


plan for your Character or monster's evolution stages

To enter the contest, you will be only showing us one stage of your character. However, in the world of Outcast Odyssey, when a creature or character evolves, it gains power and experience, which together help your characters grow into something more powerful!

Here's an example of the evolution process within the cards. As the character's powers grow, her gear is refined and her expanded influence over her familiars can be seen. When creating your character or creature, think of the different tools, armor, clothing, and/or weapons that could upgrade as they grow in strength. Here are a few examples of evolvable elements you can incorporate:

After the card
master challenge

Although we only require one stage of your character or creature's evolution, the winners will be hired to work with key members of the Creative and Development team from Outcast Odyssey to complete all four card stages! They will turn your character into a working, animated virtual card available in-game for battling and trading. Get ready to create something amazing!